Sam De Buysere (b.2000, belgium)
instagram, samdebuysere

2018-2021 BA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory
2021-2023 MFA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory
2022 Intern & assistant editor at Trigger Magazine (Fomu Antwerp)
-Laureate ‘Mathilde E. Horlait-Dapsens Foundation’ prize (2023)

-Import - Export, Friperie: Selected Bales (2023)
Invited by Mekhitar Garabedian: Sam De Buysere, Miles Fischler,
Axel Korban, Thor Salden, Stine Sampers and Joud Toamah

duo book presentation & exhibition at BOEKS, Ghent

-Trigger’s 2023 ‘Summer Read’ series (2023)
Invited by Trigger Magazine (Fomu Antwerp): Julia Alting, Lewis Bush,
Sam De Buysere, Yining HE, Taco Hidde Bakker, Matt Johnston,
George H. King, Eugénie Shinkle, Diane Smyth, Andrea Stultiens,
Daria Tuminas, Stefan Vanthuyne, Wilco Versteeg, Bindi Vora
and Trigger editors Nienke Coers and Tom Viaene

online article about Atom Egoyan, a publication by Editions Dis Voir

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